Wrong is Right


††††††††††† ††††††† D ††† ††††††† †††††††G††††††††††††† †††† Em††††††††††† †††† A



(D)Wrong is right(G) and (Em) Day is (A) night


(D) Iíve been (G) waiting on the (Em) downtown (A)train


(D) Thinking maybe(G) I should (Em) just (A) give up.


(D) These are things(G) you think of(Em) when youíre (A) walking in the rain.


Iíve been told all my life that girls like ainít worth much

But Iíve give anything to see your eyes in the sun




Play progression with one stroke and mute right after striking chord.


What does he have I havenít got?

Are you blind, is it not obvious to the world?

Is it front-page newsflash scoop dash this-just-in type of emergency flash, fall in love on the wings of, type of thing?


(Iíll say)




You stopped writing and I wondered why

What sort of bad omen caused your song well to run dry?

What sort of man makes you hate yourself, cause if you hate your songs thereís a part of you, you canít like.


(I want to help you so Iíll say)



(D)Iíve been(G) waiting on the (Em) downtown (G) train

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