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Winnebago Del Fuego

They came from all over the globe.  The land of Bon Jovi.  The blues-filled streets of Memphis.  From the smallest of states to the largest*.  From the ivy-leagues to animal husbandry schools**.  From our nation's heartland to our nation's capital.  From right here in Long Island to right there in Massachusetts.  

They number nine.  It's an impressive number.  But they're an impressive group.  They are:

Flynn Barrison
Amy Bouril
David Crabb
Katie Dippold
Birch Harms
Brad Kettlety
Lemon Krasny
Dorothy Robinson
Nate Shelkey

The super-group was trained by the Upright Citizen's Brigade in the arts of long-form improv ala the Harold.  See them Sunday nights at Rififi.  The doors are open at seven but the trouble starts at eight.  Five bucks for an hour's worth of improv.  Hard to beat.  Easy to see.  

*  we don't recognize Alaska officially yet as a group.  
**  no member of the group actually majored in Animal Husbandry officially.