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Chords and Lyrics
The Nathan Shelkey Homepage
Shelktone, a dog's best friend
You were in a conversation today and you wanted to pull out a real prize of a Shelktone song lyric to illustrate a point. Am I right? Or perhaps you wanted to 'Cyrano' a girl and snowball her with some sugary Shelk confection? Maybe you needed something classy to pull out for your grandfather's big birthday celebration? Profound, profane, and just pro-FUNKY(okay, I'm cheesy), you'll find it here. . .read on Constant Reader. . .


Shelktone gets the ladies.  (Always, always)

Okay, your high school talent contest is Friday night and you're in a pinch, I know. You need to crib some vintage Shelktone to wow them or you'll never win that cool hippy chick from seventh period. Or perhaps you're supposed to coordinate the music for your brother's wedding reception and the band crapped out on you. Looks like you'll have to go it alone? No way, print out this chord sheets and come off the pro's pro(and maybe with a few bridesmaid's in tow?) Who's to say? I mean, really?


I've concocted a devious plan to trap my niece in a laundry basket


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