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The Nathan Shelkey Homepage
Upcoming Albums for Shelktone:
Shelkey and O'Malley, great minds thinking alike
Watchmen, Waiters, Lovers, Vampires and Me

1. Sick Day 
2. Paper Women 
3. Situation 
4. Leaving Papers 
5. California 
6. The Plan
7. Heart Attack 
8. Southside 
9. Seconds Fast 
10. Did You Write This? 
11. I'm Not The One 
12. Wait 
13. You Win, I Lose 
14. Seventh Sun

Coney Island, Shelktone at Play

Live At The Orange Bear

A full set of O'Malley and Shelkey singing their hearts out at their musical home base, the Orange Bear. Tucked away in Murray Street in lower Tribeca, the Orange Bear attracts a strange crowd. Meaning, mostly your friends. But the music shines through in this rough recording. If you want to feel like you're seeing the dynamic duo live but haven't ever gotten the chance(who knows maybe you're "behind bars" or "on parole" and can't leave the state?) to pop in, you must check out this seminal live recording.

24 years young

Siobhan O'Malley: Songs from the Big Top

Okay, so that's not really the title. Hell, there's not even an official album yet. But if you're interested in lil' Sibanky's tunes, let me know and I'll put a whole heap on a cd for ya. Check out her site and if there's anything specific that you're itching to hear, I'll make sure to include that. Trust me, Curly Locks and her guitar Blackie really cook up a storm. I like to think of myself as a musical drug dealer: you will get hooked!

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How geeky do I look?  VERY!

Contact Me

Well, no one has been asking for cds lately so my cd burner has lain dormant.  But if you are hankering, let me know and I'll dust it off and crank it up. 

More importantly check out my new guitar below!  The Rick aka Brick as nicknamed by O'Malley.  Shelktone is offically GOING ELECTRIC!


Brick, the Super Guitar!

We as a family sure are proud of that Nathan of ours.  We knew he was bound for greatness ever since he perfected his Johnny Mathis impression from countless Christmases past.  And we'd like to think his love of cheesy musicals has helped him along the way too.  Not to mention great albums like "Sizzlin' Country".  In fact, many car trips to Pennsylvania have schooled him in the ways of country and fifities doo wop.  These are the only two types of music that Pops Shelkey seems to like and He Who Brings In The Bread, Tunes The Radio.  From his mother, he inherits the wealth of Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Lionel Ritchie and many other soft rock mega artists as well.

The Family Shelk( Front row:  ST, Mom, Laura- Second row:  Brent, Ron, and Dad)